Dakota Midday: Lewis & Clark And The Missouri River Tribes

Jul 21, 2015

Over the course of their expedition, Lewis and Clark came into contact with nearly 50 Native American tribes. Some had never seen a white man before, while others spoke bits of English and wore hats and coats they received from Europeans.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

Presentation College history professor Brad Tennant says that while the meetings between the Corps of Discovery expedition and the native populations were relatively peaceful and friendly, one of the most strained meetings occurred in present-day South Dakota when Lewis and Clark held council with the Teton Sioux, or Lakota.

Tennant is a long-time member of the Encounters on the Prairie South Dakota Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. He also presents programs about Lewis and Clark and state history as a part of the South Dakota Humanities Council’s Speakers Bureau. He joined Dakota Midday and discussed Lewis and Clark's experiences with the tribes along the Missouri River.