Dakota Midday: Grace Day On "Amazing Grace"

Jun 16, 2016

Credit http://www.sdpb.org/blogs/press-releases/2016/06/03/amazing-grace-day/?preview

Lori Walsh speaks with Grace Day. Grace Day was the only woman In her class of aspiring lawyers at the University of South Dakota in the late 1940s. She endured taunts, tantrums, and the expectation that she would flunk out. She went on to become a sought-after attorney and an inspiration for women in law. She joins Dakota Midday to discuss the surprises of turning 90 as well as the joys of a life lived without hesitation. The documentary “Amazing Grace” airs on SDPB-TV tonight at 8:30 Central, 7:30 Mountain, and Sunday afternoon at 1:30 Central, 12:30 Mountain.