Cost Sharing Programs To Reduce Fire Risks

Apr 14, 2017

Credit South Dakota Wildland Fire

There are ways the state can help people reduce fire risks around their homes. Officials say this is important to take the steps to protect homes.

South Dakota Wildland Fire reminds people that they offer the 50% Cost Share Fire Hazard and Fuel Reduction Program. The program aims to create safe conditions around homes in forested areas. The treatment removes deformed, damaged or diseased coniferous trees. This promotes new growth in the forest and less competition.

Evan Kleinpaste is an Urban Interface Technician. He says there are several things to look out for on your property.

“So if you’re looking in your backyard and you see a really dense stand of trees or you just have a lot of vegetation in your backyard, if you have a lot of regen, which just means regenerative trees, small trees growing up. If you have a lot of dead flash piles or a lot of dead and down material, basically if you have high fuels, we’re interested in helping you out. So if you look in your backyard and there are just a lot of fuels we want to work with you to protect your house,” says Kleinpaste.

Kleinpaste says some trees or areas may not be eligible for the program. He says to contact him or his office to see if you qualify.