Chris Nelson Claims Victory

Nov 6, 2012

Holding more than 60 percent of the votes with just over half of the precincts voting, Public Utilities Commissioner Chris Nelson claimed his victory shortly after 9 o’clock Tuesday/last night. Nelson says his experience that he’s gained on the P-U-C made him the best candidate to represent South Dakotans. He says his service over the years has gained trust among citizens and he’s working for the state. As he heads into the next four years on the commission, Nelson says he’ll be working to protect the state against federal regulation.

"My number one focus is keeping a lid on utility rates for South Dakotans and the biggest pressure we’re facing right are new regulations coming from Washington from the EPA and the FCC, says Nelson. We need to everyday push back against those that are going to drive up our rates and do what we can to mitigate that.”

Nelson says South Dakotans can expect to see the same kind of work from him as they’ve seen the past two years. He says he’ll continue to dig aggressively into cases and keep the consumers of South Dakota in mind.