Business Leaders Talk Technology And Innovation

Aug 27, 2015

Area leaders say technology is rapidly changing the way they do business. People from different industries met in Sioux Falls Thursday to discuss technology and South Dakota’s economy. The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce worked together for the free event.

Regional leaders say their work is improving thanks to emerging technologies and data analysis. Representatives from health fields say new techniques allow patients more comprehensive monitoring and care. A financial executive says changes in technology have shifted banking away from physical structures and into the digital realm – now with an emphasis on mobile financing.

Kelby Kleinsasser with Farmers Business Network speaks to agriculture. He says many people have heard about innovation in machinery or biotechnology, but he says information technology is critical for today’s growers. 

"They could be the difference between make or break in terms of end of the year profit. So each year the South Dakota farmer has to decide, ‘how many seeds on every acre am I going to plant?’ And, just for the record, that’s not really all that obvious of a decision, because the sources of information that you get are coming from, well, the company that sold you the product," Kleinsasser says.

Kleinsasser says other players in the ag sector have more information than farmers, and new ways to collect and analyze data can help level the imbalance.

Another speaker in the energy industry says advancing technology helps keep people connected to electricity, minimizes work, and improves efficiency.