Annual Farm Show In Vermillion

Jan 5, 2017

Credit Dakota Farm Show

Agriculture Producers from all over the region are coming to Vermillion this week to see the latest in research and technology. The 2017 farm show is going on in the Dakota Dome on the University of South Dakota campus. This is the show’s 34th year. Farmers and ranchers can inspect everything from the newest tractors to field drone services.

The large arena is completely packed with rows of booths, businesses are showing off their latest products. Farmers and ranchers of all ages are squeezing through the crowds, trying to find the next big thing for their operations. The Dakota Farm show is in full swing.

Penny Swank is the farm show’s manager. She says her staff and the agricultural based businesses coordinate heavily to make the event a success.

“We’ve got over 600 booths in here so yesterday we did move in and getting them all in here is kind of a challenge but after they all get in here it is sure fun to see it all come together. And the exhibitors put a lot of work into setting up their booths too so that’s nice they’re always good to work with,” says Swank.

Swank says there is also a new addition to the show this year. The South Dakota State University Extension is hosting informational seminars throughout the week.

Mike Lehman is a microbiologist with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service. He says he enjoys giving these lectures to producers.

“Well to tell you the truth I’m always amazed that producers and ranchers actually want to hear some of this information as a scientist and so it’s been kind of a pleasant surprise and so as long as they’re interested in receiving some of this information I’m glad to provide it,” says Lehman.

The farm show continues throughout the week to Friday. Lecture times and topics are on the show’s website.