Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... June 13, 2017 Show 113 Hour 2

The current issue of “South Dakota Magazine” highlights South Dakota's oldest town. Another feature explores warrior culture in the state as it intersects with Native American culture. We welcome Bernie Hunhoff and Katie Hunhoff for a conversation about the issue. Katie is publisher of South Dakota Magazine. Bernie is editor-at-large.


In The Moment ... June 13, 2017 Show 113 Hour 1

Today we learn about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. This program honors Vietnam veterans whose lives were cut short as a result of their service in Vietnam, however, they are not eligible for inscription on the wall under Department of Defense guidelines. Tim Tetz is the Director of Outreach for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and joins us with more.

Sioux Falls researchers are employing light to open blood vessels. The US Food and Drug Administration is green-lighting a trial that could help patients who suffer from peripheral vascular disease. Doctors say more than 8 million people live with the condition.

Research leaders say the FDA okays a study that uses NVS to treat PVD. Acronyms aside, leaders have the go-ahead for a clinical trial. It may determine whether a new combination of a medical device and a drug can help people with leg problems related to their blood vessels.

Non Meandered Lakes Are Re-Opened

Jun 12, 2017
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

Non-meandered bodies of water are now reopened to the public… unless a landowner declares otherwise.
That comes after the state legislature convened for a special session to tackle an over 25 year old issue. Several sloughs flooded in Northeastern, South Dakota, after years of heavy rain and snowfall in the 1990’s.
Following a recent state Supreme Court decision, the legislature crafted what the Governor calls a compromise between landowners and sportsmen.

Jeremy Ludemann / SDPB

A former food safety chief for national fast food chains testified yesterday in the defamation case between Beef Products Incorporated and ABC News. 

David Theno  is a microbiologist and food safety consultant. He served as chief food safety officer for Subway and Jack-in-the-Box restaurants. Theno was a consultant for BPI  from about 20-10 to 20-12 and testified that he reviewed the company’s food safety practices. 

Jeremy Ludemann / SDPB

The second week of the defamation trial between Beef Products Incorporated and ABC News is underway at the Union County Courthouse in Elk Point. In last Monday's opening statements, attorneys for The Dakota-Dunes based beef company alleges ABC's reporting about its lean, finely textured beef was a wrongful media campaign that caused significant financial harm. Attorneys for the network claimed the reporting was accurate, and that BPI didn't want people to know how its product was made. South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Jeremy Ludemann reports.  

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... June 12, 2017 Show 112 Hour 1

In South Dakota, natives make up nearly ten percent of just an 860,000-person population. That's a significant percentage and leaves room for much diversity among our state's native people. that diversity being acknowledged when things like this still happen? Today, we welcome the hosts of the  podcast, Urban Indianz: Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, and Char Green.

Hail Hits Central And East South Dakota

Jun 12, 2017
National Weather Service

Parts of South Dakota are experiencing wave after wave of significant weather. Some people saw everything from rain to hail.

Over the weekend storms moved from central to eastern South Dakota. Between an inch and an inch and a half of hail fell in areas of Lyman County with the largest hail being two and a half inches wide. The hail continued east toward Watertown with the storm increasing wind speed and rainfall.

Cari Fleegel is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. She says some areas saw substantial rain Saturday and Sunday.

Artist Combines Nature Images To Create Designs

Jun 10, 2017
Chynna Lockett

Graphic design involves creativity, technology and…attention to detail. Artists can spend hours or days sitting at computers while they work on a piece.

Bonzeye Studio is in the heart of Rapid City’s bustling Downtown. A black sign on the side walk advertises ‘local, handmade art and gifts’. Light streams into the building through a wall made of windows. Display tables line the room, showing off stickers and jewelry. Images of the Black Hills hang above them. Bonny Fleming is the owner of the gallery. She made most of the art work in the building.

Jeremy Ludemann / SDPB

A food scientist from Texas Tech University took the witness stand on Wednesday and Thursday in the defamation case between Beef Products Incorporated and ABC News. The Dakota Dunes-based meat company argues that  ABC and network correspondent Jim Avila conducted a wrongful media campaign by calling its lean, finely textured beef product 'pink slime.' BPI is claiming almost $2 billion in its suit, which could be tripled under South Dakota's Agricultural Food Products Disparagement Act. South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Jeremy Ludemann reports.


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