In The Moment ... March 21, 2017 Show 054 Hour 1

Creativity is what makes humans special. A new book called "The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional" is released today. It's a look not only at the legacy of human creativity and collaboration, but a testament to the urgency of fostering those uniquely human attributes moving forward. We’re joined by the book’s author Agustin Fuentes. He’s a professor and the chair of the Notre Dame’s Department of Anthropology.

PS006: The Potluck Society: Perfectly Imperfect

Mar 21, 2017


Welcome to the Potluck Society! I'm your host, Hugh Weber, and I’m so glad to see you. 

This week, we talk with two musicians and the co-founders of Pony Creek Studios, Mike Yaeger and Chad Konrad. We also sit down with writer, Angela Tewalt. All three present their perspectives on the idea of perfection and how it can get in the way of creativity expression.

As always, we'd love your feedback about the program and recommendations about who to talk with in the future. You can send those emails to!

Victoria Wicks

Pending approval, the Keystone XL pipeline will pass across the state of South Dakota, through Buffalo, Murdo and Winner. The pipeline also crosses the river near the Cheyenne River Reservation.

A protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline near Standing Rock in North Dakota went on for months.
That’s prompted the state to prepare for potential demonstrations. It starts with one piece of legislation.

National Agriculture Week

Mar 21, 2017
SD Department of Agriculture

National Ag Week runs through the 25th this week. Everyone from state government to high schoolers knows how important the industry is in South Dakota.

Agriculture has a $25.6 billion impact on South Dakota’s economy each year. Officials say this is why the state recognizes Ag producers and future leaders during the week.

As part of the week, the Agriculture Council of America hosts a National Ag Day Video Contest and Essay Contest. This year Bridger Gordon from Whitewood won the essay contest.

According to 2016 crime statistics from the South Dakota attorney general’s office, drug offenses are up and violent crime is down. South Dakota law enforcement agencies made a total of 42,000 arrests last year.
Attorney General Marty Jackley says despite the number of arrests, South Dakota remains a safe state to live in...

“When you look at some of the violent crimes that most people are worried about, murder and sex offenses, we’re down over 20 percent.”

In The Moment ... March 20, 2017 Show 053 Hour 1

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... March 20, 2017 Show 053 Hour 2

We welcome the first day of Spring with conversations about the Vernal Equinox. First we talk with NASA scientist Yari Collado-Vega with news from NASA about the dance of the solar system as well as a preview of a major astronomical event in August.

We continue the conversation by asking what the vernal equinox has meant throughout history for humanity. Dr. Richard Swanson is with Augustana University's Religion Department.

SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt joins us with an update of the state basketball championships.

Wikipedia – Public Domain

Hundreds of Native Americans gathered at Black Elk Peak for the annual “Welcome Back the Thunders” ceremony. It’s the first time the spring celebration has been held at the sacred site since it was renamed in honor of the Lakota leader.

The Lakota have gathered at Black Elk Peak for generations to celebrate the return of spring. Russell Eagle Bear is the Historic Preservation Officer for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. He says the “Welcome Back the Thunders” ceremony acknowledges the rains that nurture the growth of life.

Artist Showcases 40 Years of Polaroids Images

Mar 17, 2017
chynna lockett

The retro style of Polaroid pictures has been making a comeback. One local photographer has displayed his instant images from nearly 40 years of shooting.

Polaroid images with blurry subjects and muted colors hang behind white mattes at the Mathews Opera House. The small tables underneath scattered with vinyl records, unframed Polaroids and a lava lamp make this exhibit feel vintage.

Roger O’Dea is the photographer. His show, Zero Megapixels, is a collection of portrait, still and landscape images from years of shooting at home and around the country. 

Tech Radio 03-17-17

Mar 17, 2017


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