The House Transportation Committee has approved two bills to allow new Native American design options on license plates. Senate Bill 73 provides a special plate for Native American veterans. Supporters say this allows Native Americans to denote their tribe and their military service. Senate Bill 118 allows for special plates to have the depiction of the new Dignity statue.The House Transportation Committee also passed a motorcycle license plate policy revision. The bill offers motorcyclists a choice of how they display their license plates.

A bill that increases the governor’s scope to react to a large scale protest now heads to the Senate Floor.
The governor’s office says Senate Bill 176 is legislation that aims to keep protests peaceful when the Keystone XL pipeline gets built. Opponents say it’s a restriction on free speech.

Senate Bill 176 lets the governor declare a public safety zone, establishes the crime of criminal trespassing, limits the number of people on public and school lands, as well as allows out of state lawyers to help with an increase in number of defendants.

In The Moment... February 22, 2017 Show 035 Hour 2

This week’s Dakota Political Junkies are Madison Daily Leader publisher Jon Hunter and Rapid City Journal enterprise reporter Seth Tupper. 

Kealey Bultena

In The Moment... February 22, 2017 Show 035 Hour 1

A discussion regarding the cleanup situation at the DAPL protest site in North Dakota.  What's the current current shape of the camp, how much waste has been hauled away and what kind of efforts it will take to finish the cleanup.  The cleanup is in its fourth week as contractors and people in the camp deal with tons of garbage, abandoned camp belongings and vehicles and donations buried during winter blizzards. Tom Doering, Morton County Emergency Manger, joins the show. / National Weather Service

  The southern two-thirds of South Dakota is under a Winter Storm Watch for Thursday and Friday. Forecasters are predicting very heavy snow totals for an area south of Interstate 90.  South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Gary Ellenbolt visits with Jeff Chapman with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls. Chapman says the system is winding up and heading for the state.

   According to Rapid City meteorologist John Chamberlain, the western part of the state is primed for a large amount of moisture as well.

Lee Strubinger / SDPB

A bill that bans state employees from lobbying the legislature for three years has failed.
State Representative Steve Haugaard says state employees should not be allowed to leave government and go directly into lobbying.

Pretty Flower Fire Evacuations Lifted; Officials Report No Structures Lost

Feb 21, 2017
Sandy Shaughnessy

UPDATE: Officials say the Pretty Flower Fire is around 10 percent contained but they expect that number to increase as the evening wears on.

All evacuation orders and road closures put in place after the wild land fire sprang up between the towns of Hermosa and Keystone are lifted. No structures are reported lost.

The public information officer for the Pretty Flower Fire, Lt Jim Bussell, says the incident is a case where receptive fuels, like dead and dry grass, burned readily. He says the fire was made worse by high winds.

Photo by Dr. Ben Sharp

Scientists in Antarctica are moving research camps because of a 100 mile long crack moving across the world’s southernmost continent. They’re also concerned that a substantial portion of Antarctica will fall into the sea. .But not everything in “The Land of Ice” is threatened. In fact, the world’s largest marine protected area was recently created in the Ross Sea.

In The Moment... February 21, 2017 Show 034 Hour 2

The New Colossus

In The Moment... February 21, 2017 Show 034 Hour 1


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